Canadian among 6 Muslim terrorists arrested over Nairobi hotel massacre - A Canadian national and 5 other Muslim terrorists, including 2 taxi drivers and an agent for a mobile phone-based money service, were arrested for collaborating with the al-Shabaab terrorists behind the Kenya hotel massacre in Nairobi. -

Muslim terrorists riot and attempt to invade Israel along the Gaza border - As every Friday after Mosque, some 13,000 Muslim terrorists were rioting, burning tires, throwing rocks, firebombs, explosive devices, sabotaging the security border fence and attempting to infiltrate into Israel in order to murder Jews. -

IDF Navy rescues French sailor lost at sea for weeks - The IDF Navy rescued a French sailor last night who was lost at sea for weeks with a broken radio and no steering system. IDF soldiers came across his boat near Gaza, rescued him, and took him for medical treatment. -

Self-described rapper arrested over the horrific murder and rape of an Israeli-Arab student in Melbourne - A 20-year-old self-described rapper was arrested over the horrific murder of Aya Masarwe in Melbourne. Aya was brutally raped, killed and burned in an attempt to hide evidence, after getting off a tram on her way home while she was speaking on FaceTime with her sister. -

Unarmed Gazan infiltrates into Israel – IDF raises level of alert along the border - BREAKING: IDF soldiers identified a Gazan who crossed the security fence into Israel from northern Gaza. The troops arrested the unarmed Arab near the crossing point and he was transferred to security forces for further questioning. -

IDF demolishes room of Muslim terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld - BREAKING: IDF forces demolish a room in the family home of the Muslim teen-terrorist who brutally murdered Hasbara warrior Ari Fuld last September. -

IDF raises level of alert along the border – Israel to allow Qatari money to Gaza if quiet - ⚠️ The IDF is preparing to combat the violent Muslim riots expected to break out once again Friday after mosque along the security border fence with Gaza. Israel is considering transferring Qatari money if the riots are quiet. -

US citizen detained in Lebanon on suspicion of entering from Israel - BREAKING: Lebanon’s army intelligence detained an American citizen on suspicion that he crossed into Lebanon from Israel. According to Lebanese reports, Colin Emery is a Jewish American. -

Narcoterrorism in Colombia: At least 5 killed in car bombing at police academy - BREAKING: At least five people have been killed and 10 injured after a car bomb exploded at a police academy in Bogota, Colombia’s capital. -

Australia: Israeli-Arab student brutally raped and murdered while on FaceTime with her sister - Aya Masarwe, a 21-year-old Israeli-Arab student was brutally raped and murdered in Melbourne while she was speaking on FaceTime with her sister, on her way home from a comedy show. -

France: Huge explosion at Lyon University campus - BREAKING - FRANCE: Huge explosion at Lyon University campus. Police said that work was being done on the roof and a gas bottle exploded, starting the blaze. -