Watch: Hot-tempered Italian tourist gets 'Welcome to Palestine' message upon his landing in Israel -  Hot-tempered Italian tourist was shocked when his cellphone company congratulated him on his arrival at "Palestine" upon his landing at Ben-Gurion Airport. -

US offers $10 million for information on Hezbollah terror group financial activities - The State and Treasury departments say the money will be paid to people who provide information such as the names of Hezbollah donors and financiers, bank records, customs receipts or evidence of real estate transactions. -

PM Netanyahu praises US decision to end sanction waivers for Iranian oil - Netanyahu: "We stand with the United States' determination against Iranian aggression and this is the right way to stop it." Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China, and India will no longer be exempt from US sanctions if they continue to import oil from Iran. -

Sri Lanka Massacre: 290 men, women, and children slaughtered by Muslim terrorists on Easter Sunday - At least 290 people murdered and 500 injured by 7 Muslim terrorists in 8 coordinated bomb blasts on Christian worshipers, hotel guests, and foreign tourists. The US State Department warns that terror groups are continuing to plot terror attacks in Sri Lanka with little or no warning. -

❤🇱🇰 Tonight the Tel Aviv Municipality Hall lit in the colors of the Sri Lankan flag. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Sri Lanka and all those affected by the terrible terror attack. -

TERROR ON EASTER SUNDAY - UPDATE: ● 215 people murdered, 625 injured in 8 coordinated terror attacks on Christian worshipers in Sri Lanka ● Death toll expected to rise ● Among the killed are 35 foreigners ● 9 foreign nationals are reported to be missing ● A bomb was found near the Bandaranaike International Airport and was successfully diffused ● 13 Muslim terrorists arrested ● The government had prior information about the terror attacks but failed to take preventive steps. -

TERROR ON EASTER SUNDAY - UPDATE: ● Death toll rises to 215 murdered, more than 500 injured in 8 coordinated terror attacks on Christians in and around the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo ● 35 victims are foreign nationals from France, US, Denmark, China, Japan, Pakistan, Morocco, India, Bangladesh, Turkey ● Defense Minister urges media not to publicize the names of the Muslim terrorists: "Don't help to make them martyrs" ● The Sri Lankan government has imposed a temporary social media ban. -

Sri Lanka - Terror on Easter Sunday: 185 murdered by Muslim terrorists in 8 bomb blasts across churches, hotels - TERROR ON EASTER SUNDAY - UPDATE: ● At least 185 people murdered, 400 wounded by Muslim terrorists in 8 coordinated, targeted terror attacks on Christians in and around the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. ● A curfew has been imposed across Sri Lanka from 6 pm today to 6 am tomorrow ● April 22 and 23 have been declared national days of mourning ● The evening Easter masses across Sri Lanka have been canceled. -

Never Again? - Polish crowd beat, burn Jewish stereotypical doll on Passover eve - As Christians mark the weekend of Easter and Jews celebrate Passover, anti-Semitic residents of the town of Pruchnik in southern Poland beat and burned a doll made to represent a Jew with stereotypical features. -